Trad Chat!

img004Welcome to my blog about traditional music, in particular the fiddle music of Quebec!

What is it about the Quebecois fiddle style that I like so much? It’s really a whole band played on one instrument. There’s a melody, some chords underneath to add colour, and a very rhythmic bowing style to add vibrancy. Plus the fiddler often replaces the need for a drumset, with a very clever use of foot percussion. The tunes can be simple and easy to pick up, or they can be so unexpectedly “crooked” in their format that you have to admire their cheekiness and sense of fun.

Since hearing my first Quebecois band in Australia, I have discovered a whole world of brilliant bands and musicians, some who are well-known throughout the world and some who are quiet local legends.  I will introduce you to these musicians through my blog, and ask them to talk a little about themselves and their projects.

Et c’est parti! Enjoy the ride!

Trad Chat Updates

  • Introducing... contradance!
    Introducing… contradance!
    “What I love about social dance is seeing a roomful of people in sync, the dancers and the musicians. There’s just nothing better,...
  • Le Vent du Nord
    Le Vent du Nord
    If you’ve ever wanted to learn the secret Brunet Family recipe for le pouding chômeur (Poor Man’s Pudding), here’s your chance! Brothers André...
  • David Boulanger
    David Boulanger
      At around 16 years old… I was listening to a CD at a music store… that is the moment where I felt...
  • Simon Marion
    Simon Marion
    Multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, multi-award winner, new father and … pilot!   It’s a great pleasure to introduce our first guest artist for the...
  • Les Frères Bélanger / The Belanger Brothers.
    Les Frères Bélanger / The Belanger Brothers.
    Having a brother who shares your taste in music is fortunate. And having a brother to actually make that music with is even...
  • Catherine Planet and La Chasse-Balcon
    Catherine Planet and La Chasse-Balcon
    Pride in our traditional music compels us to “go out on the balcony”,… a place where you have to accept being seen, where...
  • Yann Falquet and Pascal Gemme
    Yann Falquet and Pascal Gemme
    Melbourne is in the grip of Spring Fever. The return of warm weather – far too slowly this year! – the Aussie Rules...
  • Mario Loiselle
    Mario Loiselle
    Folklore survives when it’s multi-generational. Folklore dies when it ignores the young. And it’s impossible to have a living tradition without the presence...
  • Guillaume Morin
    Guillaume Morin
    A photograph that can capture the energy, emotion and personality of a musician is a work of art as great as the music...
  • Laura Risk
    Laura Risk
    Music is something that can hold a community together… an effective, strong, meaningful way of building and maintaining community. And if we don’t...

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