If you’ve ever wanted to learn the secret Brunet Family recipe for le pouding chômeur (Poor Man’s Pudding), here’s your chance! Brothers André and Réjean, along with their bandmates, Simon, Nicolas and Olivier, were in Australia recently for the world music festival, WOMADelaide. As part of the festival, they hosted a cooking segment where they presented this luscious maple-syrup-soaked dessert.

Le Vent du Nord are one of Quebec’s biggest exports. They are known for their charismatic vibrant music and joie de vivre. They are synonymous with the Quebec traditional music scene, both in the role of musicians and as entrepreneurs who have started up various festivals, music camps and events which put quebecois traditional music in the limelight.

While you won’t be as lucky as the WOMADelaide audience who were the happy recipients of le pouding at the end of the program, you can still enjoy a taste of Le Vent du Nord and their vibrant music with this informal clip.

Le Vent du Nord: https://leventdunord.com/en/
André Brunet: https://www.andrebrunet.com
André’s music camp in Quebec, July: https://violontradquebec.com/en/home/
WOMADelaide: https://www.womadelaide.com.au