QuasiTrad Camp Resources

For anyone who has been part of the Quebec Fiddle Weekend or QuasiTrad Tunes camps.  You will be able to find all the audio recordings and some of the sheet music here. And good luck with some of these mind-bending tunes!

Please note these pages are password protected and only available to camp participants.  Contact us if you would like to access them.

Disclaimer: These resources are for study purposes only. Please don’t share, no matter how good some of the files sound!

Winter Tunes Camp

July 2021, Marlo, Vic

Tunes from 2016

Pascal Gemme & Yann Falquet

Tunes from 2018

Laura Risk & Rachel Aucoin

Tunes from 2015

Pascal Gemme

Tunes from 2017

David Boulanger & Simon Marion