You might find yourself in Montreal one Friday after the long winter has ended, wandering along the neighbourhood streets, enjoying the energy and buzz of the city. And you might happen to see a large crowd gathered in front of someone’s house, dancing, singing, clapping along to the music that’s drifting through the air. Up on the balcony is a group of traditional musicians, and hanging from strings somewhere in front of the house are… spoons!

You’ll realise that you’ve stumbled upon la Chasse-Balcon!

La Chasse-Balcon was started by the community-minded montréalaise, Catherine Planet. Catherine was keen to host an event where neighbours could get to know each other, enjoy their own heritage of music and dance, and showcase the many picturesque balconies that characterise Montreal.

Catherine will tell us more about La Chasse-Balcon herself in a few posts. She might even reveal the mystery behind the dangling spoons!

For now, here’s an idea of what La Chasse-Balcon is all about.