Welcome Sessions for young adults and teens with diverse learning needs and disabilities

Where: Jika in the Park, 2 East St, Northcote (in Oldis Gardens)
When: Each Wednesday evening 7:30pm – 8:30pm.  Final session December 6.
Who: Young musicians (high school to young adults) with a disability and/or diverse learning need
Which instruments: Keyboard, violin, cello, guitar, mandolin, harp, ukulele, flute, tin whistle, bodhran. Ukuleles will be provided for those who don’t have an instrument. Please let us know in advance if you need one. 
Fee: It’s free – covered by donations to the Keys of Life program

In 2024 we will be moving to Thursday nights, starting from February 1.  

These social music-making sessions will offer young adults an opportunity to come together and play music in the style of a traditional Celtic session. Music will be learnt aurally and the Welcome Sessions will also offer an opportunity to socialise in a safe setting. Many young people with disabilities leave school and have difficulties finding opportunities to connect with other young people, so we are hoping that these sessions will give opportunities for them to meet other young musicians and create some new friendships.



It really is just a chance to use music as a tool for a social outlet, coming together and having a  group to meet with once a week, especially for young people who, once they’ve finished school, might not feel there is much happening around them, hence the name, ‘Welcome Sessions’.

Judy Oleinikov, tutor

Here’s a great article about the Welcome Sessions, by Deb Carveth of Community Music Victoria, about how these sessions came to fruition.

Read the full article here

Our great performance at the Keys of Life Concert! Melbourne, 19 November 2023

This free session is an initiative of the Keys of Life music charity, funded in 2015 by Daphne Proietto

Keys of Life is a music charity that enables students with disabilities or diverse learning needs to flourish through music, that trains music teachers and therapists to cater to the unique abilities of their students,  and which brings together children, parents and teachers to share their knowledge,  their experience and their joy of music.

The Keys of Life Foundation also  offers professional development courses to suitably qualified teachers and music therapists in Daphne’s techniques of teaching children with diverse learning needs.

You can support Keys of Life by making a donation through their website