Celtic Jam Resources

I’ve included a few videos which might be helpful in learning some of our tunes.  Further below you’ll find audio files  and below that some sheet music.  You can also search on thesession.org for more sheet music and tune info.  Most of the videos are from our online sessions in 2020.

Please note, these  files are for practice purposes only and should not be shared publicly.

Annie Shaw’s Waltz

Da Slockitt Light

The Green Door

John Mickey’s Slides

Jerry O’Sullivan’s

John Thomas’s Hornpipe

Maison de glace

Pirate Pete’s Polka

Reel de la Cabane

Sean Ryan’ Jig 2

Toothfairy Jig


Waiting for Rain

Audio Tracks

Celtic Jam sets

These sets might change as our repertoire grows, but we’ll keep playing each of the tunes.  Apologies for the poor audio – one day I’ll update them to better versions!  Keep scrolling down for sheet music.

Trip to Pakistan / Up Sligo / Out on the Ocean

South Wind Waltz /
Tooth Fairy Jig

Swallowtail Jig / Kesh Jig / Cliffs of Moher

Geese in the Bog / Connaughtsman’s Rambles

Road to Lisdoonvarna / Patsy Geary’s (Slides)

Sleep Sound in the Morning / The Merry Boys of Greenland

Down by the Sally Gardens / Cooley’s Reel / Spootiskerry

Fiddle Faddle / The New Harp

Hector the Hero, played by Pete Dwyer

Glen Cottage Polka 1, played by Rob Zielinski

La Gueussinette
composed Steve Jones

Annie Shaw’s Waltz / Wangaratta Waltz

Blessings of Gold composed and played by Liz Carroll

The Good Old Way, played by Richard Mander

The Butterfly / Morrison’s Jig / The Doon

Sheet Music  A – L


Sheet Music  M – Z