In Concert

Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse
Monday, May 8, 7pm, Northcote

Archie Roach has likened Gina to being a modern day Edith Piaf, telling his audiences that Gina “takes this old, old language, writes and sings these beautiful songs so that we in the audience cannot help but fall in love with the romance of it all.”

Gina is a Balladong daughter; one of the 14 clan groups which make up the Noongar nation, covering the south west corner of Western Australia. Noongar is an endangered language, with less than 300 fluent speakers. Her mother’s and grandmother’s generations were not allowed to speak their own mother tongue. Gina has managed to “”claw territory back… I wanted to learn the language, to write songs so that I could teach my children. It’s an incredibly beautiful language – when I hear Noongar language I hear music, it literally sings to me.”

Guy Ghouse is a multi-award winning guitarist from the same region, and part of a long line of musicians in his family. He and Gina released the acclaimed album, Kalyakoorl (which means Forever) in 2014. We are lucky to have them both in Melbourne for the first time for an intimate, acoustic house concert where we can experience the beauty of the Noongar language in Gina’s songs, interwoven with Guy’s acoustic guitar.

Wise Women – Louisa, Lucy, Ruth and Rowena
Sunday, May 14, 2pm, Northcote


Join us in Northcote for a very special Mothers’ day afternoon house concert with the Wise Women!

The voices of Louisa, Lucy, Ruth and Rowena Wise blend in the magical way that sisters’, daughters’ and mothers’ voices do. Between them they play violins, ukulele, guitar and Appalachian Dulcimer and were heard at folk festival stages across Australia between 1998 and 2008 as part of The Wise Family Band. Individually, these musicians have been recognised at festivals across Australia for their outstanding talents in songwriting and performing. They come together for a special mothers day concert, performing new repertoire that draws from a diversity of genres, such as blues, celtic, old-time and their own original songs and tunes.

Such a beautiful array of songs, voices and instrumental textures make this an afternoon not to be missed!